Hi, I don't really consider myself a religious person but I had an experience yesterday that has me questioning a lot of things. This is my first post so I'm very new to everything.

To start, I am a 24 year old bisexual male and I had a bad break up last week. I'm mostly over it now, but there are some times I miss being someone's boyfriend. In hindsight, I didn't really like the person I was in a relationship with, I just liked being in a relationship. Anyway, she was pretty mean with how she broke up with me, it was at midnight via Discord message and she pretty much pointed out all my character flaws.

Anyway, I've been doing fine until two nights ago I had a dream where she came back and broke up with me again just to be mean. Because of this, I was in kind of a weird mood the rest of the morning and decided to take a nap after lunch, I work from home so I can set my own hours.

I had a dream where I was running around trying to get a high school performance up and running, which was my job when I was in school. Eventually, I found myself in my bedroom where I was visited by Aphrodite and someone else. I'm not sure who the other woman was, maybe the Roman Venus or maybe even Demeter, again, I'm very new to this. Anyway, in the dream, the two goddesses showed me a very good time. I won't get into detail but, Aphrodite being the goddess of love and sex, I think you can figure out what happened. Just before I woke up, I had another fun time with just Aphrodite. I felt waaaay better the rest of the day.

While not being a religious person, I have sort of felt a connection to Aphrodite over all other gods in the greek pantheon. I even wrote a mock epic poem for a school assignment which began with a prayer to Aphrodite. The story itself focused on both the positive and negative aspects of love so I felt it was very fitting.

After this experience, I was doing more research on the modern worship to Aphrodite and there was a lot of stuff I really resonated with, like emphasizing self love and platonic love along with romantic love. These have always been things I value very much.

I guess I'm posting this here to get a more experienced take on what exactly happened to me and where to go next. I personally don't think any religion should be interpreted 100% literally, but I'm now considering adding some aspects of paganism and worship for Aphrodite into my daily life.

Any ideas? I'm open to all opinions and interpretations.

Thank you!