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Thread: Heathen Texts, Reference thread

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    Heathen Texts, Reference thread

    You come to Heathen section of the forum, and you ask yourself this question:

    Where the heck can I find online Heathen litterature?

    This thread is for people who can add links to the texts of Heathen Culture.

    Sacred Texts . com
    Teutonic Legends
    Icelandic Sagas

    OMACL .org
    Burnt Njal
    Cormac The Skald

    Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

    The Northvegr archive

    Ragnar's Viking Page
    Rune poem

    Non-Vulgar stories about Freya
    Vulgar stories about Freya

    Beowulf epic poem

    Secondairy References Sites and Threads
    (Sites which only part of their content is related)

    The Meadhall, only the Asatru part is revealent.

    What are the runes and how Odin got them?

    The runic alphabet explained by Wikipedia

    Rune Scripts site
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    Re: Heathen Texts, Reference thread

    I have a page on The Einherjar Hearth's site called eLore-Hoard with links to .pdfs of the following titles..

    Primary Lore
    The Eddas, by James Chisholm
    The Edda Of SŠmund The Learned, by Benjamin Thorpe
    The Elder or Poetic Edda, by Bray_1908
    The Poetic Edda, by Bellows_1936
    The Younger Edda, by Rasmus B. Anderson
    The Prose or Younger Edda, by George Webbe Dasent
    The Danish History Books I-IX, by Saxo Grammaticus
    The Danish History Books I-IX, by Saxo Grammaticus Killings
    The Saga of the Jomsvikings, by NF Blake
    The Volsunga Saga

    Secondary Lore
    Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology
    Grimm's Teutonic Mythology
    The Culture of the Teutons, by Vilhelm Gr÷nbech
    On Heroes, Hero-Worship, & The Heroic in History, by Thomas Carlyle
    Eddic Mythology, by John Arnott MacCulloch
    Myths of the Norsemen, by HA Guerber
    Mitra-Varuna, by Georges Dumezil
    The Stakes of the Warrior, by Georges Dumezil
    The Religion of the Northmen, by Rudolph Keyser_ 1854
    Woden in England: A reconsideration of the Evidence, by AL Meaney
    The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity, by James C Russell
    The Faces of the Goddess, by Lotte Motz
    The Germanic ThunderWeapon, by Lotte Motz
    Sacrifice and Sacrificial Idealogy in Old Norse Religion, by Daniel Bray
    Starka­r's Teeth, by William Layher
    Maiden with the Mead, by Maria Kvilhaug
    Balder's Death and Loke's Punishment, by Cornelia Steketee Hulst
    Nine Norse Studies, by Gabriel Turville-Petre
    Contributionsto the Study of Othin Especially in His Relation to Agricultural Practices in Modern Popular Lore, by Jan de Vries
    Imagining an Early Odin Gold Bracteates as Visual Evidence, by Starkey
    Germanic Goddesses
    The Sons of Odin
    Fylfot in Archaeology
    The Archaeology of the Norse North Atlantic
    The Cult of Nerthus
    Matrons and Disir
    Norse Mythology, by Munch
    In the Beginning was the Scream, by Henning Kure
    Voluspa and the Book of Revelation, by Richard North
    Voluspa and the Feast of Easter, by John McKinnel
    Berserkir: A Double Legend, by Anatoly Liberman
    Myth, Psychology, and Society in Grettis Saga
    Rich and Powerful: The Image of the Female Deity in the Migration Age, by Rudolf Simek
    Scandinavian Rock Carvings and Sardinian Bronzes
    Cold Counsels and Hot Tempers: The Development of the Germanic Amazon in Old Norse Literature
    Rock Carvings and Shamanism
    The Ragnarok Within: Grundtvig, Jung, and the Subjective Interpretationof Myth
    Viking and Medieval Amulets in Scandinavia
    Norse Mythology, by RB Anderson
    The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia, by WA Craigie
    Fairy Tales, by brothers Grimm
    The Pre-Columbian Discovery of Americy by the Northmen, by BF de Costa
    The Norse Discovery of America
    The Ethical World-Conception of the Norse People, by Andrew Peter Fors
    Myth and Religion in the Poetry of a Reluctant Convert, by Diana Whaley
    11th Saga Conference: Old Norse Myths, Literature, and Society
    The Book of Balder Rising, by Robert Blumetti
    Analyzing Odin
    A Collection of Popular Tales from The Norse and North German, by George Webbe Dasent
    Popular Tales from The Norse, by George Webbe Dasent
    Nid, Ergi, and Old Norse Moral Attitudes, by Folke Strom
    Germanic Mythology and the Fate of Europe, by Ralph Metzner
    Shamanism and the Image of the Teutonic Deity, Othinn, by A Ashbjorn Jon
    Traces of the Odinic in the ôGodö of Beowulf, by Jim S AOR
    Imagining the Anglo-Saxon Past
    Ibn Fadlan and the Rusiyyah, by James Montgomery

    William P Reaves
    These are links to and from Germanic Mythology: Texts, Translations, Scholorship
    Rydberg's Complete Mythological Works
    Investigations into Germanic Mythology Vol. 2
    Odin's Wife: Mother Earth in Germanic Mythology
    The Aesir and the Elves (pdf)
    Going to Hel: The Consequences of a Heathen Life (pdf)
    The Cult of Freyr and Freyja (pdf)
    Old Norse Cosmology: Images of Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds
    Tyr the One-Handed: Who's Your Daddy?

    HM Chadwick
    The Cult of Othinn, by HM Chadwick
    The Ancient Teutonic Priesthood, by HM Chadwick
    The Oak and the Thunder-God, by HM Chadwick
    The Origin of the English Nation, by HM Chadwick

    Odin Battlegod of the Vikings, by HRED
    Road to Hel, by HRED
    Roles of the Northern Goddess, by HRED
    Thor's Hammer, by HRED
    Ragnarok and the World Tree, by HRED

    John Lindow
    Bloodfeud and Scandinavian Mythology, by John Lindow
    Thor's Duel with Hrungnir, by John Lindow
    Thor's Visit to Utgardloki, by John Lindow
    Interpreting Balder the Dying God, by John Lindow

    Germanic Heathenry
    Our Troth
    AET A Primer of Lore and Ritual
    Odinism, What Is It? OR
    Nine Noble Virtues Pamphlet
    Anglo-Saxon Heathendom and Icelandic Asatru: a Comparison and Contrast, by Eric Wodening
    The Religion of Odin
    An Odinist Anthology: Selections from The Runestone
    An Introduction to Odinism
    The Lessons of Asgard
    Asatru for Beginners, by Erin Lale
    What is Heathenism
    Odin's Way in the Modern World, by Wayland Skallagrimsson
    An Introduction to Vanatru, by Nicanthiel Hrafnhild & Svartesol
    Ravenbok: The Raven Kindred Ritual Book, by Lewis Stead and The Raven Kindred Asatru

    Mike Smith
    Ways of the Asatru, by Mike Smith
    Think Again!, by Mike Smith
    Ammaľ Wisdom from the Sagas, by Mike Smith
    The Kids Book of the Norse Gods, by Mike Smith

    Kveld˙lfr Gundarsson
    Teutonic Religion, by Kveld˙lfr Gundarsson
    Teutonic Magic, by Kveld˙lfr Gundarsson
    Wotan The Road to Valhalla, by Kveld˙lfr Gundarsson
    Spae-Craft, Sei­r, and Shamanism, by Kveld˙lfr Gundarsson
    Shape-Shifting, Berzerkergang and the Cult of Odhinn, by Stephen Grundy
    The Elder Troth: An Introductory Course of Study, by Kveld˙lfr Gundarsson

    Bil Linzie
    Germanic Spirituality, by Bil Linzie
    Investigating the Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen: A Reconstructionist's Approach
    Uncovering the Effects of Cultural Background on the Reconstruction of Ancient Worldviews
    Reconstructionism's Role in Modern Heathenry, by Bil Linzie
    Reincarnation among the Norse: Sifting through the Evidence, by Bil Linzie
    Drinking at the Well of Mimir, by Bil Linzie

    Handbood of the Old-Northern Runic Monuments of Scandinavia and England, by George Stephens
    The Runes, Whence Came They, by George Stephens
    Runes Around The North Sea And On The Continent, by Jantina Helena Looijenga
    Galdrarbok Full With Interpretation, by Greg Crowfoot
    Stav Runes Notebook
    Breathing The Runes
    The Runic Journey, by Jennifer Smith
    Whispering Woods Basic Rune Class
    Runes and Runic Inscriptions, by RI Page
    A Practical Guide to The Runes, by Lisa Peschel

    Edred Thorsson
    Introduction to the Germanic Tradition, by Edred Thorsson
    A Book of Troth, by Edred Thorsson
    Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic, by Edred Thorsson
    Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology, by Edred Thorsson
    Rune=Magic, by Seigfried Adolf Kummer Thorsson
    Runes and Magic: Magical Formulaic Elements in the Elder Tradition, by Stephen Edred Flowers
    The Galdrabok An Icelandic Grimoire, by Stephen Flowers
    Rune Might - Secret Pratices of the German Rune Magicians, by Edred Thorsson
    Rune Song, by Edred Thorsson
    Rune Song CD, by Edred Thorsson
    Toward an Archaic Germanic Psychology, by Stephen E Flowers
    The Secret of the Runes, by Guido von List Flowers
    The Way of Woden, by Stephen Flowers

    Nine Worlds of Seid Magic, by Jenny Blain
    Nordic Shamanism
    Seidr Magic


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