In heathenry most folk due to there search evolve, this can be a positive or a negative for some. Some folk move away from heathenry due to the investment of your time that is required in study, but more so in the undoing and honesty with oneself that is required to be unshackled from previous learning, this is hard wether that previous learning is from religion, another folkway and or schooling, all though these were outside influences that guided or bumped you either conscious or sub consciously to your viewpoint, they need to be undone. To be unshackled though from your own previous viewpoint is the hardest of all, what I mean is for me undoing my own neo asatru/odinist approach was hard to do, it was admitting to myself that I did not have the solid foundations you need to stand strong in a shit storm, but my belief structure that I thought I understood for many years was undoing by my own questioning, learning and from my conversations with others. This has left me over the past 6 months admitting I had it wrong Where am I, where did that leave me?

This has left me in a really good place, not all of my previous learning was wasted it just needed re-understanding, reconstructionism as a folkway can be strong in a shit storm because it is based on the known not the fluffy unknown. Folk invented stuff to almost Christianize heathenry with dogma and rhetoric, when heathenry first resurfaced in my life time it was by folk who had the same issues I have stated, so in came the hammer rite, NNV et al, the folk that did that were good people trying to find there way so I hold no grudge, in fact i honour them, when Steve McNallen started the Viking Brotherhood in 67 he was working with Victorian romanticism in the main, there was a few gems but you really had to look to find them.

We can not possibly know what our ancestors did, but we have enough data from archeology, their has been more found in past 30yrs, than in the previous 300yrs. To really have a good go at reconstructing it, is in my opinion honouring our ancestors. It should closely replicate the way they honoured theres. This has to be right, I will undo anything if archeology can explain it through evidence, if that evidence is validated through primary or secondary sources.

Arguments against recon and this post in my opinion are no concern to me, recon may come across with no spirituality etc, but if you need them things it is because you are still in the grips of your previous learning etc. I am still learning and will continue to evolve as that is the way of a heathen. I for one have spiritual connections mainly to my ancestors and the lower mythology that surrounds me.

Who am I? well I am a heathen living in the modern world, I believe keeping things local, honouring my ancestors, family and friends, but also being their for them. living strong, respecting others but never fearful to question. This is my chosen folkway, my way of living, it is not for all but it is for me, it is my view.