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Thread: Whats everyone reading now or read lately

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    Re: Whats everyone reading now or read lately

    Quote Originally Posted by Juniper View Post
    I do believe that was a large part in why. There were even parts in the first six that somewhat lost my interest. Usually when things got overly mystical. It felt a bit rushed.
    I tried reading this series aloud to me SOs and it didn't go well. I never noticed when I was reading it but it was a lot of walking through the snow, walking through the snow, FUN, riding in a boat, riding in a boat, FUN and just too much detail between the interesting bits. I guess I skimmed quite a bit when I was reading it.
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    Re: Whats everyone reading now or read lately

    Too many books to count right now. Lol! Though I am thinking about reading The House with the Clock in the Walls. I saw it yesterday in theaters and loved it.

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