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Thread: Re-enactment - the Civil War

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    Re: Re-enactment - the Civil War

    Quote Originally Posted by Gobae View Post
    Sorry if I came off sounding harsh, that was not my intent.

    Yes, re-enacting and going further by doing "experimental archaeology" is a fantastic hobby. It's greatly increased my understanding of the Iron Age Celts in ways that just aren't possible by reading about them in a book.

    No, we're not part of the SCA. The SCA is a quasi-Medieval group and the Medieval era happens roughly 800-1200 years after the era we portray. Also the SCA's rules and structure are only loosely based in history. In short, the SCA is not conducive to doing the living history and research of the Iron Age Celts.
    Ah OK, obviously I don't know much about the SCA either, thanks for the info. How did you find the group that you participate with?
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    Re: Re-enactment - the Civil War

    Well, after looking around at the other groups in the area (Albany, NY) there were only 3 possibilities; the SCA (of which I've already mentioned the issues), and 2 Norse groups. Now, the Norse groups did allow Celtic personas, but their time frame focused on the twilight era of Celtic culture and they were (obviously) focused on the Vikings.

    So, one day I was bemoaning the fact that I really wanted to join a Celtic group but there weren't any in our area, when I wife simply said, "So why don't you start one?"

    So, way back in 1998 I founded "Clans of the Dragon". We later renamed the group "Ancient Celtic Clans" since we discovered that people were hearing "Klan of the Grand Dragon" and assuming we were related to the Ku Klux Klan (not cool!). We are still the only Celt-centric group within a 200+ mile radius of Albany, NY.

    When I started our group I surveyed other re-enactment groups in our area (even those not medieval or "early period") by taking a look at their focus, rules, structure, etc and compared that to what I (and my friends) wanted in a group. What we discovered was that in our area 90% of all "medieval" groups followed the general SCA outline for membership, rules, and combat so they could seamlessly attend SCA events. Since we weren't that impressed with the SCA or the other groups following that style of group format so we quickly discarded nearly all those trappings.

    We have no meeting/event quorum. No minimum meeting/event requirements. No probationary membership period. No "officers" (president, treasurer, secretary, etc). We don't actively recruit from the public. No laundry list of rules. In fact we have 5 rules: 1)We portray "Celts" only 2)No visible anachronisms 3)Attend functions as best you are able 4)Help others learn about the Celts and improve their kit 5)Have fun!

    After 10 years in existence, we have approx 15 adult members (along with their 8 children) We have gravitated to learning, testing, and trying the skills the Celts used for everyday life so I would describe us as "Living History" with some experimental archaeology too.

    In many ways its a radical departure from the typical group. But, since the other issue I saw while reviewing groups was member displeasure with the "traditional" group structure, I'm surprised others aren't trying their own "radical" group ideas.

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