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Thread: A Warning To The Curious Reguarding joS

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    Exclamation A Warning To The Curious Reguarding joS

    joS (Joy Of Satan) is a cult like, neo-nazi clan, turning curious, innocent people into neo-nazis, both young and old. "High Priestess Maxine Dietrich" is legally named Andrea Herrington. Andrea is false, and is telling many lies, to manipulate anyone, this program is targeted at teens, turning them into hitler youth and little neo-nazis. . she and her nazi husband (Clifford Herrington) are gathering people who know no better, and using them to to what ever it is they do. "Sex Magick" is involved in some of their magick and meditations. This is odd, as there should not be any involved in meditations. I could ramble on about this for a very long time. For more info, please visit the following links...,55491,98017

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    Re: A Warning To The Curious Reguarding joS

    Hmmm this smells an awful lot like religious propaganda. I am going to lock it. Nothing other than more ruffled feathers can come of this.
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