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Thread: Where to find inspirational pagan blogs?

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    Where to find inspirational pagan blogs?

    Do you have any suggestions on inspirational, positive, good pagan lifestyle blogs?

    I´ve been brewing my own life more into the pagan way for this millenium, and now I´d like to widen my perspective by learning what others are doing in their everyday lives to praise paganism. In order to make it a normal way of perceiving the world and walking through life, as opposed to secretive spell castings in the dark. Any ideas where to look?

    I have started writing a pagan based blog "Nelland" at < link removed by staff > , and I hope to find others alike mine. My goal is to make people happy in their lives, see the good and beautiful also in little things in life. Check it out and tell me what you think. I would appreciate it!

    Thank you!
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    Re: Where to find inspirational pagan blogs?

    One of my favorite pagan blogs to read is Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. You can find it through a simple google search.

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    Re: Where to find inspirational pagan blogs?

    Thanks for the tip! I´ll be sure to check it out.

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    Re: Where to find inspirational pagan blogs?

    Kinda hard to use the link when it's removed by the staff?

    The "Reason: read the forum rules" is way vague too. Which rule in particular was the problem? There are no less than 8 stickies about rules and the one that actually says "rules" in the title has 31 sub-points.

    I'm not challenging the action I want to know what the issue was so I don't repeat it. The moderators may have seen this time and time again, but us newbies need more info please.

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    Re: Where to find inspirational pagan blogs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gobae View Post

    I'm not challenging the action I want to know what the issue was so I don't repeat it. The moderators may have seen this time and time again, but us newbies need more info please.
    Spamming...generally when someone shows up, doesn't post an introduction and puts their blog/website/whatever in all of their posts, the link gets edited out as spam, simply because we have so much spam slide thru the spam filters, its not really worth the trouble of separating the wheat from the chaff. If its not obvious spam, or seems like the post is on topic, we might let it stand for awhile to see if the person is actually going to post anything else...but in the long term, its a lot less stress to err an the side on the side of spam.

    Since you have been here for a while, even if you aren't a frequent poster, you probably don't have anything to worry about (unless you start slinging your favorite link in every thread in every single you visit!)...we are more tolerant of established members promoting their sites, books, art, etc (for example, Mrs. Penry and Corbin), or for members to have a link of some sort in their signature (which is how I hawk my blog), provided its not obnoxious.
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