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Thread: Help needed with vision

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    Help needed with vision

    So, during some meditation, my GF had a vision. She could hear thunder in a repetitive beat of 4, 3, 1, 1, 1 and saw three runes in this order: uruz, wunjo and nauthiz. Wunjo and nauthiz were both backwards, like if you'd see them when looking in a mirror. She seemed very intent that this was a message for me, but has NO idea what it means. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Help needed with vision

    First off, if that isn't a god bothering by Thor, I'm not sure what else it could be. I'm not exactly sure the meanings of the beats, but the thunder and runes seems like a clear-cut answer. I'm no expert in runes, but I know a little. Uruz is power, Wunjo is self-worth, and Nauthiz is caution. I'm not sure what the inverted versions mean unless they simply mean the opposite like in the tarot. (Though some-times the inverse represents a card that doesn't have major meaning in the reading, but this is a little off topic.)

    Putting it all together, I think it's Thor demanding that she take some appraisal of herself to see her own self-worth. The last rune simply warns that if she doesn't take value in herself, she is not only wasting her time in life, but those who surround her.

    That at least what I'm getting from it. I've done some work with Thor before, and he tends to come on very strongly when he does. I don't know if any of that really jives. And if not here's a good site where you guys can get some rune interpretations:

    Good Luck.

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