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Thread: My Country and the damage done

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    My Country and the damage done

    In my mind it may be that whoever is elected this time around,there is a matter that will haunt us for years to come. Our Country has been broken by the continuing barrage of BS that has divided us into waring camps. "For the good of the country and its people" has been changed into "Whats in it for ME?" mind set. Winning at any cost, is the name of the game now. Perhaps this should be in Rants,and if so it can go there. I fear that Our Country will die a slow death from within because we are "A house divided" against it self. If indeed we can survive this,we may find a way to heal,but there will always be a scar upon our body politic.
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    Re: My Country and the damage done

    We've been a house divided before and will be again. The Republic is rather durable and I'm pretty sure that its Founders not only expected but actively banked on internal division. I can imagine a lot of things screwing over the US but I don't think internal division is gonna do it. We've been through one Civil War and it didn't break us permanently. I don't expect the current squabbling to come anywhere close.
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    Re: My Country and the damage done

    I agree with MO...but not necessarily for the same reasons.

    See...I've been where you're at right now. I mean, shit, every single time a new election is approaching stakes get raised and everyone is going to claim that the other guy will cause the end of the world.

    I'm also kind of looking forward to it.

    But honestly - do you really see the vast majority of your neighbors being ambitious enough to get off of their asses to fight for a cause?

    No. What would happen - I suspect - is that if enough people riot/revolt, the National Guard will go on a hiring spree. Considering unemployment what it is, I imagine it would end rather know, as soon as people can't get their fast food or their soda because deliveries have stopped coming to their part of town. People will mellow the hell out as soon as their junk food and toys are taken away.

    I think that's unfortunate, too, because at the rate we're going nobody seems terribly interested in supporting a candidate that believes in the intent of the US Constitution, not the twisted mess that it currently is. <-- if the site's down, just check back later

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    Re: My Country and the damage done

    LMAO - democracy doesn't give people good government. It just gives them the one they ask for...
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    Re: My Country and the damage done

    True democracy isn't practised any more. Instead we have party politics. And that's not really democracy.

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