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Thread: If you ran YOUR country, what would you do?

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    If you ran YOUR country, what would you do?

    the other thread got me thinking about this.

    I think it's important that you make it specific for YOUR country, not every country. For example, I'm for our current gun laws over here, but I don't think it would necessarily work in the US. Anyway, for Germany:

    -Single-payer public healthcare. We have this krankenkasse system, where public providers are fractioned into different 'krankenkasses'. There are a ton of these, and the principle is that it gives people more choices, except they're all pretty much the same. They all are governed by the same regulations for core services, and while some extra services (like contributing to yoga classes and stuff) can vary, even that stuff is pretty similar. The only difference between having this and a single-payer system is that it costs astronomical amounts of money. We not only pay through healthcare through taxes, but we also have among the highest public healthcare contributions in the developed world. I move that we let people continue to choose between public and private insurance, but integrate the public providers into one, centrally run body.

    -I'd expand social security systems to help bring more support to a wider group of self-employed people. There are a lot of social security systems (such as the KSK for artists/journalists), but there isn't a lot of support for modern professions such as programmers, developers, etc. As it stands, a lot of these people have to pay into health care as a freelancer (meaning they have to pay their own as well as the "employer" contributions), and if you see above, this is very expensive. It would also solve the issue of pensions. Germany has very good social support, but the problem is, it's set up for the past....people aren't always employed full time for life by the same organisation...this is getting more and more rare. It's time the system changes to suit the times.

    -I'd go with the plan to bring pensions to freelancers, but rather than charge a flat-rate (which is the current plan, and is proving VERY unpopular), it would be a percentage based on income.

    -I'd encourage anonymous job applications in order to combat the massive bias against foreigners that still exists in this country.

    There's a lot more stuff...but I'll write more later. I have to go do some housework!

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    Re: If you ran YOUR country, what would you do?

    Suffer spontaneous headsplosion.

    The US has fingers in far too many pies at one time and I don't know enough about most of them.

    At a thought,

    - Alter some of our overseas military deployments.
    - Offer a DoD contract to anyone that can come up with a main battle tank comparable to the current M1 that does not run on fossil fuels or introduce a horde of logistical problems. Offer similar contracts for other useful vehicles (specifically humvees and certain aircraft). If anyone actually succeeds then see if the new engine tech can help advance civilian sector designs.
    - Streamline the tax code if at all possible.
    - Rein in some federal agencies that have slightly more power than I'd like.
    - Shoot certain pieces of legislation.
    - Assess infrastructure failings and vulnerabilities. Fix whatever is financially feasible.

    Build ISD analogue and inform the planet that the US now controls the orbitals "All your base are belong to US".

    EDIT: broken English is part of the line.
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    Re: If you ran YOUR country, what would you do?

    Proclaim myself God-Emperor, kill everyone I don't like, close all the tax loopholes that don't actually do any social good, make education practical rather then diploma/degree factories and make it free to the University level, annex Mexico because having a border with Guatemala would be so much easier, annex Canada because why not, conquer the world, rename the US to Terran Empire because I'd rule everything.

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