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Thread: One does not understand, and thus i declare it to be of the Silly nature!

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    Question One does not understand, and thus i declare it to be of the Silly nature!

    I would provide a screen cap but i cant find one yet!!

    Anyway, Grave Encounters, movie about ghost hunters and all that jazz.

    --Spoilers ahead if you havnt seen it! --

    So, right at the end, Mr Bloke is stumbling about what appears to be a mad labratory of sorts where some Doctors were perfoming Lobotomys and Experimants and all sorts of highly unethical things on mental patients. now for there is a clear hint of demons in the film, patients wrote about it on walls and there is even a *Dun dun DUUUNNN!!* Giant Penticle on the wall, cba to try and explain that, thats average hollywood nonsense. Anyway, back in this room Mr Bloke stumbles upon a strange arrangement of stuffs, a table with candles on it, an upsidedown cross a book (i know right?) and some other crap, on the floor is a strange shaped symbol of sorts with a skull in the middle. from my time on the net i think ive probably seen that symbol before in referace to Demons of the Catholic Mythos, so i thought "They did there research it seems, nice set-"

    But then he opens the book, and its full of Norse Runes.


    Why? I dont understand! Runes pre-date the very invention of Catholosismsism by how many hundreds of years? Why exactly would Runes be used to write a book about demons and all that crap (which seems to be the intention) it... it just makes no sense!!?

    Runes in the book however read:

    Steamy a relationship
    is at first. The passion
    fades and there had
    better be a lot of money
    to take its place. I’ve
    learned that sometimes
    the people you expect to
    kick you when you’re down
    will be the ones who do.
    I’ve learned that we don’t
    have to ditch bad friends
    because their disfunction.

    Now i can guess thats just the props team finding random poetry and sticking it in for funsies. but... Why runes for this? i... i dont understand the logic what-so-ever O.o

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    Re: One does not understand, and thus i declare it to be of the Silly nature!

    The logic is the same for this as is for everything else, they don't care and if it isn't understood it's scary. The props team didn't do research, they took symbols that they knew a bunch of specifically miseducated people of a general demographic would see as satanic or demonic and used them. It is what they do...

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    Re: One does not understand, and thus i declare it to be of the Silly nature!

    I would have liked it better if it was a recipe for potato salad or something. I'd probably even try to make it.
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