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Thread: Thunor in action

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    Thunor in action

    Hello all,

    Today was a lovely stormy day in central Florida. We have a tropical storm or so sending storms lately. Today I got the chance to do some energy work during a storm. I was not directly outside, but I was able to see the rain, Thunder and Lightning. It was good breathing in the Aethem that has been purified by Thunor as Lightning. The power of Lightning and Thunder is available during the storm. There are many cultures that absorb this great power. I did some working with a hand seal associated with Aethem and Thunor. Along with deep breathing and visualization of strengthening the aura and rooting with the Earth, the practice was pretty intense. Afterward I sat on my balcony and invoke Thunor again through Galdor (I tried a vedic rendition of Thunor: 'Ong Thung Thunoraya Nama'). I was able to be present with nature (tree and animal spirits). I also invoked Hulda. Energy was quite vibrant in my body. I want to learn more about Thunder and Lightning in terms of book knowledge to serve as another avenue of devotion to Thunor. It was intense to feel the power of Lightning and the Thunder clap. It made me feel that Thunor is more powerful than any nuclear nation. He is Mighty and Fierce. His life giving abilities through purification with Lightning are also praiseworthy.

    Hail Thunor
    Thung Thung Thung

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    Re: Thunor in action

    Insightful. And very interesting to read.

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