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Thread: rules of the 'site information' forum?

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    rules of the 'site information' forum?

    I am still relatively new here compared to most members, and I have had problems in this part of the forum. On most the threads I started or posted in here, someone starts talking about something I or someone mentioned that was only somewhat related to the original thread, then admins say it has to stop--when it would probably be ok in another part of the forum. Do admins have to read everything here, or also everything all over the forum? The first time, I stopped talking about the subject, and the second time (on 're-open thread request,') I said something technical someone did not understand, so I explained, then she thought I had a problem being questioned (I did not) and started to get angry, but I kept explaining to see if she would understand. My last post was after an admin's post that said the thread had to stop, and I think I pressed 'reply' when her post was still recent, and only saw the admin's post after I had sent my reply. If I had seen the admin post, I would not have done that. There is a small chance I saw it and was tired and missed it because it was short, but I think at that point I would have seen there was an entire other long box under the other member's post... so, sorry. What should people do in such situations in this part of the forum--message the other person and/or start a new thread? Should there be rules about it, or did I already miss something in the written rules?

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    Re: rules of the 'site information' forum?

    If you want to continue the convosation, then you should do it privately. the Mods arnt trying to stop you having your discussion they are just trying to keep the open forums a pleasent place (some you guys do a very very good job of XD) so yeah if you wanted to continue a discussions your private messages would be the best place. hell if someone had a disagreement with me id be quite happy for them to PM me and continue it it private

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    Re: rules of the 'site information' forum?

    First off, yes, the mods and admin read everything. Foremost, we are members here, we come here for OUR enjoyment, we don't get paid to do this. And actually, for those of us that PAID to purchase this forum from its previous owner, we have a bit more of an interest into making this a place that we enjoy coming to.

    Second, we curtail most off topic conversation. If you feel that an off topic sideline of conversation is worthy of community discussion, make another thread on the topic, if necessary, put it in a different section of the forum. If it's just something of interest to you and one other person, PM them. If its just you (universal you, not you specifically), then maybe you should rethink continuing that line of rhetoric--I delete crap all the time rather than posting it, because its either bitchy or largely irrelevant.

    Third of all, Mod decisions are final. Period. Final. Exclamation point. Even if another mod disagrees, that disagreement is handled in private. We don't play good cop-bad cop or mom vs dad here. The other mods and admin will back up a mod or admin decision, period...and so will most of the members, even if they PM a private disagreement to a mod or admin over the matter.

    Fourth of all, DEBATE is encouraged (provided it is in a debate thread), DISAGREEMENT is encouraged (provided its not engaged in disrespectfully or with gross asshattery), but ARGUING just for the sake of arguement or to have the last word or as a form of bullying is not. Arguing with a mod, or blatantly ignoring them will get a thread closed, period. If it becomes a personal habit, its one of the few things that will get you banned.

    Look, this is a privately owned, privately operated, privately funded (partially via donations) forum. It is not a free speech zone, and its not a democracy...and its not unique among forums for that. We've been doing this for over a decade, and we've come to a format that works for this community, so we enforce it. Yeah, it doesn't work for everyone that visits it. And that is okay with us...but it does mean that it can take some adjustment time.

    ETA: And one addition...yes, we auto-lock most old threads. If the topic comes up again, a new thread can be opened (and, since you can still see a locked thread, you can always reference it in a link or quote from it in the new one), or the thread can be unlocked by PM'ing a mod. In the over a decade that this forum has been in existence, we've always done it like this, and its not been a problem yet. Sometimes the conversation is even better the second time around...generally speaking, a new start to an old thread goes just fine...versus, when you re-open an old thread, sometimes those members aren't around any more...and its really not fair (or polite) to rebut their ideas directly (as opposed to doing so in a general way) without them being around to respond or defend their position.
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    Re: rules of the 'site information' forum?

    Very nicely put, Thal!

    I just want to add my $.02

    Personally, as one of the few owners, I consider this my home in more than one way. To try and maintain at least a minimal sense of decency and civility, the Administrators/Owners have found some few very understanding, diplomatic people (member volunteers) to handle the more tedious tasks of moderation. For Mods, official posts (as opposed to personal opinion) are in green, whereas official posts by Admin will always be in red.

    We very much encourage use of the private message system, the reputation system, the chat and whisper box and even visitor messages on each others profiles. There's more to the community than just threads of thought, that all have to be considered individually. Which is why dragging the drama from one thread, into another, or into the chat or other public viewing areas is frowned on to the nth degree.

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    Re: rules of the 'site information' forum?

    I'm going to add a point to the above and it's one of the only times that I intend to ever publicly discuss anything about a mod call. I will not elaborate further.

    It's a very good idea to get in the habit of opening a second tab and checking for updates before actually posting a comment. This is especially true if you spend a long time time typing up the reply. V's order was posted 43 minutes before your reply to Medusa and Juni's post was nearly an hour after your's. There is a degree of benefit of the doubt when posts come in very close to each other. 43 minutes is not within the umbrella of very close. A 43 minute gap will almost always be interpreted as willful defiance and acted upon without further notice or warning. I'm aware that it's easy to lose track of time when putting together long posts, doublechecking the thread is still on you. I don't think any of us is willing to provide an indefinite time where we assume someone didn't see a mod warning.
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