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Thread: Neolithic Shamanism

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    Phantom Turnips never die. They just get stewed occasionally....

    Re: Neolithic Shamanism

    I'll try it again... though it works from here for me... how odd.
    Here we go:

    Phantom Turnips never die.... they just get stewed occasionally....

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    Re: Neolithic Shamanism

    Quote Originally Posted by Tylluan Penry View Post
    I'll try it again... though it works from here for me... how odd.
    Here we go:
    That one worked. Maybe it was just my PC acting strangely last night. Interesting story. I don't have anything so interesting in my meeting with Big Grey. The closest to an 'interesting' experience I've had with a stone would be the 2 almost identically shaped crystal shards, an amethyst and a citrine, that were both given to me by friends who found them randomly in car parks (about 3 months apart in different areas), and said they just 'felt' they were meant for me. These were both pagan friends though, and knew I was into crystals at the time, so it wasn't all that remarkable that they'd think of me.
    夕方に急なにわか雨は「夕立」と呼ばれるなら、なぜ朝ににわか雨は「朝立ち」と呼ばれないの? ^^If a sudden rain shower in the evening is referred to as an 'evening stand', then why isn't a shower in the morning called 'morning stand'?

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