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Thread: very disturbing...

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    Re: very disturbing...

    I can't even read this...since once I was told I was a bigot because I said incest was wrong.

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    Re: very disturbing...

    Well, I forced myself to read this - even read through the original legal report... and what I do find incredibly disturbing here is that so much of the 'evidence' was opinion and hearsay. No doubt something really horrible was going on, but - I don't know - I have a feeling that something else is not quite right, either. I mean, carers observing someone 'masturbating in the shower ' don't these children deserve any privacy at all now? And condemning people for not having their children vaccinated isn't proof of incest either...

    I just get this feeling that certain things have been hyped up somewhere and by some people... there was plenty of material there, but somewhere along the way I think someone one day is going to shed new light on this.

    But not me. My head is fried.

    Phantom Turnips never die.... they just get stewed occasionally....

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