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Thread: Resources for Hedge/Cottage/Hearth/Home/Kitchen/etc-witchery?

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    Resources for Hedge/Cottage/Hearth/Home/Kitchen/etc-witchery?

    This is totally a spawn off of Bjorn's "Which witch is which?" thread. I'm really curious about the differences between all these different types of witchcraftery, and was wondering if any of you have any good internet or book resources? I rarely find occult books that interest me these days, so I'm really keen for some suggestions.
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    Re: Resources for Hedge/Cottage/Hearth/Home/Kitchen/etc-witchery?

    I've only read a few pages of it but one book I see suggested quite a bit is To Fly By Night: Craft of the Hedgewitch. It's a compilation of short articles and such by various authors.

    Hedgewitch Craft takes its name from the practice of travelling beyond the boundaries, of going past the "hedgerows" that divide what is known from what is unknown. Hedgewitches utilize diverse techniques to undertake the night-flight into strange and sometimes dangerous places in order to gain spirit-allies, magickal abilities and knowledge, to heal and to commune with the Gods and the ancestors.

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