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Thread: commonly used products that shouldn't be

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    Re: commonly used products that shouldn't be

    Quote Originally Posted by Rowanwood View Post
    Actually what we think of as amber is NOT what ambergris smells like. It's actually a name used in the perfume industry for copal -- which is actually very sustainable and safe to use even if you have a moral issue. But it is usually more expensive.
    I like copal too...and amber-amber. I'm talking actual ambergis--we had a chunk of it at the museum, it smells excellent when its "aged" (apparently new it smells like poo, which makes sense, lol)...when sperm whales die or puke/poop it out, it floats and comes ashore. It used to be a big product of whale hunting.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanieMarie View Post
    Sage has to be shipped? I totally grow sage here. Probably a different species though. I grow Mediterranean sage.
    Different kind of sage--smudging sage is generally California white sage.
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    Re: commonly used products that shouldn't be

    Gotcha. I've lived here too long lol.

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