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Thread: How do you find what's lost?

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    How do you find what's lost?

    I've recently had a shall we say crisis of faith? I broke down and had a hard time accepting what I've always believed to be true and now I'm more skeptical about what happens around me. The things I once saw as a sign I can't help but think it's just a coincidence whereas before I didn't believe in coincidences. I was also big on dreams and telling the people around me about them now I hardly do that. So my question is what does one do when they've lost their faith or rather how do you get it back.
    As a side note there was this quote that Christian Bale said in the Batman movie, I know odd side topic, that people need to have their faith rewarded. There has to be some truth in that otherwise we wouldn't have religion right?
    I wish there was someway I could find proof for my faith but I feel like there's nothing out there to grab hold of and till now I was okay with that. Maybe I'm just being ungrateful or blind, wouldn't be the first time.
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    Re: How do you find what's lost?

    My condolences, this sounds like it's been more then a little heartbreaking for you.

    I've seen many people on here ultimately find peace With this by finding a place for science in their practice. Jung and company, learning more about how the brain works and most of us are "wired" to need religion, etc, do not cheapen it IMO.

    From another perspective, I am not a big fan of the idea of faith. I personally think it too often is a nice way of saying "obedience" or selling people things. for example, on another forum, I recently saw someone post, heartbroken, because they had been giving magic their all and needed results. They wanted testimonials from the participating members, and they got them; the top five posts or so were almost exclusively "Just believe!" statements. The whole thing put a very bad taste in my mouth, partially because that brand of "faith" is a life-damaging logical fallacy. If someone is told that they just need to believe harder, pray harder, rub their prayer rocks harder, whatever, and something *will* happen, with faith, then if it doesn't it rapidly becomes the fault of the person in question. They just didn't try hard enough. *Sniff*

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is bull hockey.

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    Re: How do you find what's lost?

    Kinda reminds me of the quote "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." And that from Albert Einstein. If what you are doing isn't working,then try something different.
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    Re: How do you find what's lost?

    A crisis of faith is a wonderful opportunity for you to find out what kind of person you are.

    Are you the kind of person who will force his/her self to believe something is true when he/she doesn't actually believe it is, OR are you the type of person who will learn, grow, and change as life and the world have their affect on you?
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    Re: How do you find what's lost?

    I went through something similar a few years back...spent a couple of years trying to rediscover my faith. You proabably won't like how it's turned out for me, but I'm sure pleased with the results.

    I became (eventually) an Atheist. For me, at least, this has replaced any need for belief (thus far) though, and I think my natual skepticism and desire to discover what's really true (as well as what's really real) has give me a brand new opportunity for rediscovery. For me, it works.

    Don't get me wrong - it wasn't an easy conversion for me (I'm sure I have a few threads still around from that timeframe), but the end result has been quite beneficial for me, helping me to find more stablity and happiness than I ever had as a believer.

    YMMV of course...if you are curious to follow this line let me know - generally speaking the Atheist perspective isn't exactly wanted though, so I'm keeping it brief Good luck! <-- if the site's down, just check back later

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