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Thread: Let Talk Demons.

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    Re: Let Talk Demons.

    Demons are pretty chill if you're chill.

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    Re: Let Talk Demons.

    Quote Originally Posted by LeviImmortal View Post
    I'd love to hear about your experiences and knowledge, especially on Qliphothic sorcery.

    You're welcome to read through some of my work at your own leisure if you'd like. Regarding Qliphothic sorcery, I have been working primarily with only three Qliphoth for the past five years. The entirety of the work is for a lifetime. In essence, I choose to work with such forces as a means of bringing about a particular state of existence for myself - although I would normally reduce the concept to achieving "immortality" or "apotheosis", it's obviously not that simple as I believe that these terms describe the innate nature of many beings - thus, "becoming a God" is a moot point for me as it has already occurred and has always been the case. I use Qliphothic sorcery to ultimately determine a different direction for my "soul", as it were, and to affect my conscious, carnate abilities within this world and to affect the environment around me.

    In regards to experiences, there is no simple way to describe working with the Qliphoth at all. During my immersions, I utilise excitative trance techniques - i.e. Shamanic journey - to facilitate my interactions with Them. I could go into great depth here with a description of Shamanic journeying in and of itself or I can "describe" what my immersions are like. Your choice, or something entirely different - I will share what I can.

    Quote Originally Posted by LeviImmortal View Post
    So as an analogy, the way you work your demonic Divinities are similar to so called prayer or similar to the tantric practices of Buddhism? Many of the people I've spoken to about Demons have also simply worked with Demons telepathically while using their sigil. Is this similar to your practice? And I don't suspect your succubus experience was frightening at all.
    I have no one "way" of working with the Demons. It depends upon the Demon Itself, the intention behind the working/contact/immersion and what is required of me (if anything) by the Demons or my own state of being at the time. "Prayer", although I don't use that term, is always a part of my practice. Again, Otherworldly immersion through a Shamanic state of consciousness is another. Communion through invitation during ritual is another. Dream work, scrying, fasting, substance use, blood sacrifice and ritual sex are other techniques that I use.

    The use of a Demon's sigil is a very common practice within Demonolatry. Some sigils are not recommended to be used, however. If you are at all familiar with the practices of the OFS, then you will likely know of the practice of burning a Demon's sigil to initiate contact or to make an offering. I do not practice this, but there are many who do so with success.

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