Hopefully my input is welcome - I do not alter my state for religious reasons, but rather, for medical and I guess emotional ones. I'll explain - but please, if you don't want to hear some stoner talking about his drugs just say so

I didn't start smoking weed until I was well past the age of experimentation. I was - I believe - 32 at the time. Almost 8 years later, I'm a chronic smoker so generally spend most of my time in an "altered state" if you believe that that's what it is. I smoke enough though to where unless I really go to town and smoke a ton it doesn't really affect me too much...it mostly helps keep me from getting too irritated with outside stressors (that I admit, really aren't a big deal to begin with - but if I don't have an occasional puff it makes me a very angry person).

I do - occasionally - do mushrooms and I have done LSD once. The two are very different animals, and both of them were done after I converted to Atheism. I can certainly understand their appeal for the spiritual crowd though, and I imagine that my perception of the drugs would be slightly different if I had still been a believer.

Mushrooms are always hit and miss with me. I've had times when I've gotten the body high but no tripping, and vice versa. More often than not I end up feeling sick to my stomach - I might puke or might not, but generally that happens after they've worn off. I imagine a big part of that is just my state of mind at the time, but it's hard to say. I have an idea that maybe I'm resistant to hallucinogens, but there's more to it than 'shrooms.

I've done LSD once. I can say without hesitation that I believe that not only should LSD be legal, but every adult human being on the planet should have the opportunity to legally and safely try it at least once, if they should so choose. Yes, it was that amazing of an experience, but there are some caveats.

I mentioned above the resistance thing, and really, who knows? I know that when I took LSD - mind you, I've only done it the one time - that it was good stuff (plenty of other people with the same stuff tripping balls for 10+ hours), but it took me 4 hits before it did anything at all for me, and that only lasted about 4.5 hours. So, between that and the shrooms, I think there's something different about my chemistry or something.

I smoke weed to relax, destress, and of course for my bad back. The other drugs I do for the novelty and because they aren't addictive - I have no desire to have those kinds of problems. I'm an adult - let me try to act like one