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Thread: Help me understand what I'm feeling (Moon, Earth, Stars, Nature)

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    Help me understand what I'm feeling (Moon, Earth, Stars, Nature)

    I was raised in the South (U.S.) as a southern Baptist Christian. I never really found a home in it though, it never "clicked" with me and I never really felt right practicing it, it never felt real.

    I have since studied many religions and practiced a few to see what exactly I felt was real. The compassion, peace, and love of Buddhism drew me to it, and I love every aspect of it.

    Also, I am drawn to Wicca, and the power of the earth and stars. More so the moon and earth. Every night that I walk outside and look to the moon, time slows down, I feel something rise from my chest, pulling me to it. And every night this happens, and in those moments, everything around me is surreal and feels supernatural. And even during the day, I feel and see things that very few people around here (Southern North Carolina) do, I see the true power and beauty of things, the music of the wind, the power of a storm, the energy of the moon and sun. I see a whole different mystical dimension that most people cannot seem to fathom here.

    I have always felt a deep connection with the moon, the earth, and everything natural. I am drawn to the rain, to watch it fall, to feel it on my skin.

    It is as if I have a hypersensitivity to every experience, almost as if my entire being transcends to the stars, traverses the universe and then returns to the earth where it spreads across the land and seas.

    Does anyone else feel this connection and this way or similar who could help me understand it????

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    Re: Help me understand what I'm feeling (Moon, Earth, Stars, Nature)

    You just sound like a living human being. That's all.
    Satan is my spirit animal

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    Re: Help me understand what I'm feeling (Moon, Earth, Stars, Nature)

    "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet." Bob Marley

    No one tell you what you feel or what it means because they have no idea what your journey is about. Embrace who you are and see where it leads.

    "No, no, you're not thinking; you're just being logical." -- Niels Bohr

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