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Thread: What Am I?

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    Question What Am I?

    I've practiced Wicca for about 3 years now... I've been to Wicca festivals and although I enjoy them, the actual rituals don't feel right to me... I'm pantheistic. I believe in multiple aspects of gods, even since I was young I've felt there can't just be one god. but the humming and odd chanting and spectacle of Wicca doesn't feel right to me... I don't feel like I should have to make strange throat noises and humming to connect with the gods. it seems strange to me...
    although i have not specifically chosen gods to follow, i feel a connection to the god pan and the celtic religion all together, but i do not necessarily recognize all Celtic deities. I am a pagan trying to find my path. can anyone help?

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    Re: What Am I?

    Hi, Damiana.

    Not all Wiccans "chant" or "hum". I can't say that it's necessarily a common practice that I'm personally familiar with, but I'm not a Wiccan.

    There are plenty of eclectic Neo-Wiccan practitioners out there who get by on their own without celebrating festivals or participating in rituals. It may be that Neo-Wicca/Wicca simply isn't the path for you - or it could be that you've only been exposed to a small percentage of other practitioners who do things in a particular way.

    I would encourage you not to try putting yourself into a box or applying labels to yourself. Go with what feels right to you - research on your own and don't look at groups as the be-all and end-all of what constitutes a particular faith or practice.

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