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Thread: Rune of the Month

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    Re: Rune of the Month

    Quote Originally Posted by Boduos View Post
    I beg your pardon Hagazussa, but which Rune is Nyd?
    Nyd is Naudhiz or Naudhr. I don't believe we've pulled it yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tylluan Penry View Post
    For me, Is, Hagall and Nyd are all interconnected. They provide a sudden change in the progression of the Rune Poem.

    I don't (personally) believe we can only consider runes individually, the way they fall in the poem is also important because they often hark back to earlier verses and foreshadow those that are to come. My own translation is:

    Ice is overly cold, and excessively slippery,
    Clear as glass, similarly bejewelled,
    A pavement wrought of frost,
    A fair vision
    I like your translation, Mrs P... it speaks of things being not what they seem, of there being something entirely 'more' beneath the facade.

    Hagalaz, Naudhiz and Isa are often attributed to the three Nornir, though as someone who works with the Nornir I can't say that I particularly resonate with that... They tell me that the runespirits are separate from them, and don't belong to any deity. When I cast runes, I honor Odhinn for being the vessel that allowed the runespirits into the Nine Worlds, the Nornir for allowing me to glimpse the Pattern through the runes, and the runespirits themselves for working with me. I do agree that the three are loosely linked though. Naudhiz lies between Hagalaz and Isa... the temper between the two.

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    Re: Rune of the Month

    Ah. My thanks to you.

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