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Thread: Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video)

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    Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video)

    Youtube search "Wayne's Thoughts: On The Bible" and watch the video because in the 1st 12 minutes of it Wayne proves from the bible that Satan is the God of Jesus. Even the writing he has in the video description is very interesting.

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    Re: Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video)

    Hi, welcome to PF. We generally invite new members to visit the Introductions board and introduce themselves before they hop right into posting.

    Also, I'm moving this to the section of the forum for Abrahamic traditions discussions...because its really not a topic pertaining to Paganism (unless one were include it in the LHP category, which I tend not to if its a Biblical interpretation category).

    Regarding your topic in general, the idea that one can "prove" anything from the Bible is incredibly inaccurate. Wayne (whomever he is, and whatever biblical scholarship that he may claim) can, at best, offer a line of scripture that he feels is evidence for whatever he wants to (I've not watched the video, nor do I plan to, as alterntative Biblical interpretation has nothing to do with my religious path)...but the idea that the Bible is "proof" of anything is based in circular logic.

    With that being said...I'm wondering what the point of this post even is? As a Christian (according to your profile), what are you hoping to discuss about this particular video? The idea of God as "Satan" (as the demiurge, or a Great Deviever, or Great Adversary, etc) isn't precicely a new one...nor is it one that I think many of our members really care about on a religious level (though maybe as a thought experiment).
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    Re: Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video)

    Call me lazy but I can't be bothered to track down a video that I will probably find about as convincing (read not at all) as the last 20 wildly unconventional (read highly repetitive) alternate translations of the Bible that I've seen on the reccomendation of someone acting like a spammer. Make the argument yourself if you think it's that important.
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    Re: Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video)

    I honestly can't be assed to watch this, but I'm already raising both eyebrows. I'm not an expert on the Bible or Christian lore, but the only time I can even remember Jesus and Satan interacting was when he tempted Jesus during the 40 days in the desert. And during that encounter, Jesus refused him at all turns and Satan buggered off. I know there is a lot of apocrypha that I haven't read yet, but I don't recall any being about Satan having a standing in the religion above its own messiah. And there is some pretty weird apocrypha out there.
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