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Thread: Self driving Car..

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    Self driving Car..

    I have talked with people about their feelings on this self driving Car,and they go from Joy(future thinking) to "I would never trust riding in that"

    Thing is how you feel may not matter because they are talking production in about 3-5 years. So buckle up and tell HAL where you want to go....
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    Re: Self driving Car..

    Hmm. On one hand, I think it sounds cool, but on the other, people drive distracted as it is. My worry is that even a good, responsible driver would eventually get into the mindset of the car being in control, and spend more times playing on their phones or whatever and not paying attention to the road.
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    Re: Self driving Car..

    Apparently they have the potential to greatly reduce the accident rate -because- people drive so distractedly and often poorly (speeding, making terrible choices, taking stupid risks, etc). These cars can't speed. They can't text and drive. They aren't supposed to be able to run a red light or try to make a right turn when a pedestrian or cyclist has the right of way at a crosswalk or bike lane. I've read pretty good things about Google's car and it seems to have a lot of promise.

    That being said, I'm not a driver, so I'm automatically not on board. I love my bike way too much! But if these things are programmed to let me have the right of way when I'm supposed to have the right of way, I'm already a fan.

    I loved The Oatmeal's review of Google's car:
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    Re: Self driving Car..

    When computers are better than us at avoiding accidents in everyday conditions and at least decent at adapting to changing conditions, and that is probably not that far off, then I will be all for this.

    I'm especially looking forward to automatic right of way resolution.
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