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Thread: Gem stones and crystals

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    Gem stones and crystals

    So how do these two work? I know there are people here that do divination with the help of crystals and/or gem stones. How do you do it?

    Are there any specific crystals and gem stones for this? Are there different stones and crystals for different cases?
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    Re: Gem stones and crystals

    I've done Lithomancy before, so I can answer from my point of experience and how my grandmother taught me to do it.

    -I take 13 similar sized smooth stones, and charge them with my emotional intent and energy. This is done by holding them bare-handed in meditation and focusing on the feel and shape of each one. Once that's done with, I place them in a pouch and then cast the stones onto a mapped cloth. It's a white cloth that I've marked with the cardinal directions. The directions have their own meanings (this depends on what you've chosen them to be, except for center, as I was taught that was always The Present.) An example would be East is The Future.
    -7 of the stones represent astrological signs. You must be familiar with astrological and gemstone/crystal correspondence in order to know which stones to use. The other 6 stones represent health, home, family, money, love, and temporary news. Again, it's helpful to know the correspondences for each stone.
    -Depending on where the stones have landed (N,E,S,W,C), how close they are to each other, you could then go on interpret the outcome and meaning.

    Note: There are other forms of gemstone/crystal divination-- but this is the one I've dealt with most. I'm sure others here will be able to tell you of the other forms too.
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