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    Forum Rules and FAQ

    Mission Statement
    Pagan Forum is a multi-faith discussion board. We welcome members of all faiths and paths to share their experiences and broaden their knowledge of many different types of religious traditions. We seek to provide a comfortable environment where our members can feel safe and may openly share any information without fear of religious intolerance. Proselytizing and/or preaching is not allowed because it is abusive and bigoted in a multi-faith environment and it promotes religious exclusivism. Share your experiences as *your* experience, not as a universal truth.

    I. Rules
    By registering at Pagan Forum you agree to the following code of conduct when interacting with the community.

    1. Follow the rules which Pagan Forum has set forth.
    2. Be courteous to your fellow members.
    3. Respect others as you would like to be respected.
    4. Do not spam the forum with advertisement or nonconstructive material.
    5. Do not troll, bait, instigate fights, flame, attack or otherwise violate forum rules.
    6. Do not proselytize or preach--regardless of what you do IRL, you are not clergy here or a religious authority. Proselytizing is considered a form of spam at best, and religious bullying otherwise.
    7. Do not verbally assault or bully someone on the basis of race, religion, gender, sex, sexual identity, ethnicity, etc.
    8. Do not plagiarize. For more information, read the Posting Etiquette below.
    9. If you disagree with anything, do so in a respectful manner. Do not spread drama over disputes or personal discord over multiple threads.
    10. Do not argue with a Moderation action
    11. Do not create multiple user accounts.

    II. Conduct

    Pagan Forum is a privately owned, operated, and funded (partially via donations) forum, it is not a free speech zone, and it is not a democracy. We've been doing this for over a decade, and we've come to a format that works for this community, so we enforce it. The simple fact of this forum is that we have a global membership with a lot of disparate belief systems. We are a unique place where a diverse group of people comes together to talk about their beliefs and ideas. As such, we have community standards for behavior that we expect all members to follow when posting. Failure to do so may result in moderator action, depending on the severity, circumstance, and/or repetition of the behavior.

    The following are guidelines we expect our members to follow while participating in discussions on our forum.


    • Spoken/Typed: Pagan Forum is primarily an English speaking forum and therefore requires English translation for any content posted in another language. We do not discourage multi-lingual discussion, but bear in mind that the site is hosted and maintained by US owners and for moderation purposes require translation to any non-English text. If you do not wish to provide translation to text in a foreign language, please get clearance from a staff member prior to posting it, or use Private Messages to individual members.


    • We would like to keep the forum as free as possible of unnecessary profanity. There are certain sections that we give more leeway. For instance, the Rants section. However, the majority of the public forums should be considered at a PG-13 rating. The Pagan Forum Staff reserves the right to edit language that we deem excessive or unnecessarily out of context.

    Posting Etiquette

    • When creating a new topic, please ensure that you are submitting it to the proper category (IE., Knitting discussions go into the Hobbies section, Spell work discussion would go into Ceremonies and Practices). Keep the title neat and not too vague or too long. Let your audience know what the topic will be discussing. If your discussion includes a link, please post a quick description of what the link contains and why you are posting it. Do not simply post a link as the context for your discussion--include a relevant invitation on the aspect you want to discuss, etc.
    • Do not plagiarize. If you are quoting an article or post from the Internet, provide a link to that article. If it is a long article, you may quote 20% or the highlights of said article. Do not quote the entire length of the article unless it is relatively short. If you are quoting someone else's work, please make sure you have their permission to do so. If you are quoting something from the Internet, provide a link back as part of proper attribution to the author. If you are not quoting something from the Internet, provide as much information as possible (author name and work referenced, date, etc). Plagiarism may be automatic grounds for banning.
    • When replying to someone or replying to an idea they have presented, it is considered courteous to include a quote of the text you wish to address. Please place the quoted text first followed by your reply. You may include several quotes if you wish to break it down or quote multiple members.
    • There is a 5-minute delay which is a courtesy-editing time-frame if you need to make changes to your posts. However, if you exceed this time, frame, you will be locked out and must contact a moderator to make any further changes to your submission(s). Please make this request via PM and not as a separate post within that topic.
    • Please refrain from making double posts if at all possible. Double posts are two or more consecutive submissions by the same member. We understand that sometimes, it is unavoidable and we usually do give quite a bit of leeway. However, constant double posting is considered spamming and may result in Moderator or even Administrative actions. Please see one bullet above if you need to make amendments to your posts or seek to combine multiple posts.
    • Do not spread drama, which originated in one topic, into another topic or multiple topics. It is extremely disruptive to the forum and not everyone needs to be involved in a dispute


    Due to our diversity, we will not always see eye-to-eye in our discussions with one another. Polite disagreement and productive debate is how we learn and grow together, we encourage both of these (as well as constructive criticism). But when disagreement and debate isn't handled with respect and compassion, someone is going to get their feelings hurt, panties in a wad, toes stepped on, etc--whether it be fairly or unfairly. We, the staff, ask you, the members to do your best to encourage the former (polite disagreement and productive debate) and mitigate the latter.

    • Disagreements are bound to happen in a large community. You may voice disagreement(s) (debate, constructive criticism, etc) within a topic as long as it is done in a respectful manner.
    • Debate IDEAS not PEOPLE.
    • Refrain from personal attacks. BUT don't assume disagreement with a position=attack.
    • If you have a personal disagreement with one or more members, please contact said member or a Staff member by one of the following ways: Personal Messages, E-mail, or “Report to Moderator” function.
    • Do not couch personal opinion as fact. You will be called out by community members (this is your only warning). If you make a claim that is extraordinary (ie. unlikely to be commonly accepted or commonly known by our community) either make sure that it is expressed as your opinion or backed up with a link or citation so that members can find more information.
    • We strive to provide a community to our members in which censorship is not heavily used, however, disagreements often escalate to personal insults, resulting in a topic getting locked and/or edited for content. Please do your part in preventing such action from being necessary.


    • Never share your log-in, password, email, real name or any personal information. Never post private logs, emails, and or private information that belongs to another person.
    • Do not use this forum to "out" anyone for their religion, gender, sexual identity, etc.
    • Do not use information gained from this forum to stalk or harass our members (or persons in their social circle), not only will we ban you, we will also report you to other social media sites and, if necessary, to the authorities.


    • Spamming is not allowed under any circumstances. If you wish to advertise your website, blog, store or services, please contact an Admin prior to ensure the validity this site/service is to our community. Failure to comply will result in links and posts being removed. Depending on the type of advertisement posted, a warning may be issued or in extreme circumstances a permanent ban may be initiated. Longstanding and established members may provide links to personal websites they wish to share.


    • Rude and inappropriate behavior will be moderated closely. Unacceptable behavior includes – but is not limited to – Trolling, baiting, instigating fights, flaming, discrimination, stalking, harassment, racism, sexism/gender-ism, etc. General asshattery that is disruptive to the function and flow of the forum and to the integrity of the community is not allowed--if you are familiar with the US military, this is a bit like the General Article in the UCMJ.
    • Pagan Forum does not allow any illegal activity within its community. If it’s unlawful/illegal, do not bring it to the site. The Pagan Forum Staff reserves the right to modify or remove any posts that violate these rules.
    • We expect members to put their personal biases aside as much as possible to facilitate constructive conversation. We do not expect everyone to get along and sing kumbaya, but we do expect basic civility. Sometimes this means setting aside your ego of needing to be "right". Try to refrain from being the type of person that needs to get the last word. Try to see opinions from the perspectives of others.
    • We expect members to practice some level of self-censorship and self-restraint. This may indlude such actions as looking things up before posting questionable information, posting links and references for controversial statements and ideas, and keeping insults about other persons or groups of persons to yourself.
    • You are free to leave at any time. A community is a dynamic organism on its own, it develops its own culture and personality. While we try to be as welcoming and helpful as possible at the end of the day, the onus is upon you, the member, to find where you fit here. Sometimes people find that they don't fit, and that is okay. We can close your account if you like, but we don't delete it.

    III. Moderation Policy

    Moderators are long time and respected members that have done us the honor of VOLUNTEERING their time and energy to the smooth running of this forum. As such, they comment and post as members first, and as moderators when they need to. When a moderators (signified by a name in red--admin, green--general moderator, or turquoise--local moderator) makes a comment regarding behavior, etiquette, rules, etc, it is best to take heed. When they make that same comment in red, green, or turquoise (depending on their specific role) it is no longer merely a recommended action, but a required one. Disregard for an official moderator notice will be treated with the same severity of a rules infraction, regardless of which staff member it comes from.

    Failing to abide by the above-mentioned rules and guidelines, one or more of the following actions may be taken against your account. Our actions will vary depending on the severity of the transgression. Rule infractions are generally addressed more swiftly and treated more harshly, though repeated and egregious disregard for the guidelines will eventually cause moderator action as well. It may include any one or more of the following:

    • Editing your post.
    • Removing images/links/videos that are in violation.
    • Removing a post/thread.
    • Banning a user from a thread.
    • Closing a thread.

    • Issuing a general warning for over-all conduct in the thread.
    • Issuing a specific warning for behavior to specific users.
    • Receive a warning or infraction for continued behavior and note abuse on the account.
    • Revoking specific privileges related to the individual's offenses
    • Suspending the user from the forums for a period of time for failure to adhere to previous warnings.
    • Banning the account for continued behavior abuse.
    • Individuals who violate the rules of the forums may not receive any warning before an action is taken.

    Pagan Forum reserve the right to change or amend these rules at any time, without notice. We strive to provide our community with an open and welcoming forum for as many people as possible and will do what is necessary to ensure that we meet this goal.
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