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Thread: performing rituals?

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    performing rituals?

    I've been thinking about performing a ritual to a God and goddess,not now of course, but i was wondering how exactly i should go about with doing it? Like,what are the steps should i take to perform it?

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    Re: performing rituals?

    I can only speak for myself but this is to generic of a question.

    While many rituals, ceremonies, etc may have some similarities in structure it is intent and purpose that tend to drive format and construction for me. Then you have to factor in which God, god, goddess, divine or semi-divine being your going to call upon. Depending upon which is being recognized that to can change the whole structure. Then are you calling upon them to aide you or are you calling upon them to do something for you? Again purpose and intent change the structure.

    That not including your spiritual world view. Consider I have a Hellenic influence on my world view so a chthonic deity will have a ceremony that involves offerings and libations poured into the earth via sunken depressions or hollows. Representing the womb aspect of the earth and older chthonic association of chthonic things being in the earth. Inversely celestial honoring ceremonies will be raised above the ground upon some sort of altar, platform, etc. Yet both may employ transmutation via fire to convert the offering into another form of energy, essence, or what ever name you wish to use. Yet an offering such as a Deipnon would not be made via flame but left as part of the meal and depending upon the god or goddess would be done differently.

    Lots of things to consider as I said when constructing or performing a ritual to a god, goddess or semi-divine being.
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    Re: performing rituals?

    Quote Originally Posted by InTheClarity View Post
    I've been thinking about performing a ritual to a God and goddess, not now of course,
    Why not now? A ritual can be anything. Brushing your teeth is a ritual, taking a shower, getting dressed, washing the dishes, cooking a meal, playing miniature golf, swimming laps, hiking, folding clothes... They may not be religious rituals...but they can be, if they are done with mindfulness, or as an act of devotion.

    but i was wondering how exactly i should go about with doing it?
    The complexly simple answer is however you want. Sure, take into account which deities you are performing the ritual for/with/to (although you don't even need a deity for a ritual), and the purposes for which it is being done (healing? thanksgiving? divine assistance? building a relationship? worship?), or if you are working in a specific tradition (Wiccan ritual already has a set format, as do some Druid traditions, and many others)...but at the end of the day, its your ritual. If you don't find meaning in it, its pointless.

    Like,what are the steps should i take to perform it?
    So...generally speaking, I recommend that new Pagans that aren't certain of what direction they are headed familiarize themselves with the basics of Wiccan ritual--1) if you ever go to a public pan-Pagan ritual, it will likely be Wiccan in format, and 2) its an adaptable structure that is easy changed to suit the practitioner. I also recommend that they learn the basics of one or two other traditions...not just *what* they do, but *why*. Seeing that difference in ideas in action can help develop one's own ideas and practices...and you will notice that there are a number of similarities, either in actions or in purpose for actions that are different.

    Some reading:
    Basic Wiccan-based Ritual ('ve not read this indepth, but it looks accurate from a quick browse)
    The differences between ADF ritual and Wiccan-based ritual
    An example of a hybrid Wiccan-based and Druid ritual format
    Basic Hellenic Ritual (an example of a modern Hellenic ritual)
    A Roman-ADF hybrid ritual
    Info about Roman ritual
    An example of Celtic Recon ritual
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