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Thread: Sources to read alongside the Pentateuch?

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    Sources to read alongside the Pentateuch?

    I'd like to read the Pentateuch with a better understanding of the sources and the original wording. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good resources for the Hebrew-illiterate that go through the books and discuss the Hebrew-language wordplay, the theories about which sections should be attributed to which source, etc. Every time I read theology that examines the Old Testament in detail, I'm really struck by the melding of traditions, the veiled references in one part of the story to other parts, and the all-around interesting narrative technique. (For instance, I'm always fascinated when I learn that a certain phrase contains one of the only instances of a rare word in the original.)

    I'm sure that there are a wealth of resources out there, and one stumbling block for me with the Abrahamic religions is just that so much has been written about them that it's hard to sift through it all!

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    Re: Sources to read alongside the Pentateuch?

    I wouldn't even know where to begin in regards to suggesting any specific books which would be of interest to you because, as you identified, what we are talking about here is a vast collection of any number of books, commentaries or essays pertaining to the scriptures.

    What I might suggest would be to visit and search for commentaries on the Torah and Tanakh - and even the individual books therein. Even such things as Jewish study Bibles would be of interest.

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