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Thread: Holding space for ourselves and others..

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    Holding space for ourselves and others..

    Not sure this is the best place for this but it feels the most correct to me. IF it should be elsewhere please move it.


    Many times it seems we will come across postings or such that ask us to hold space for the person and keep them in our thoughts. I think many times we assume to hold space implies some sort of prayer or such but for many I think it goes way beyond that. Yet the collective we do tend to have varying ideas of what it means to hold space. On another site a member provided links to two short blog type entries about holding space for self and holding space for others. Though it was a pretty good write up and was worthy of being shared.

    That said here are two simple yet very revealing pieces about HOLDING SPACE
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    Re: Holding space for ourselves and others..

    I remember seeing the second article somewhere before. It's a really great concept. I'm going to send this to my boss as she wants to be a life coach.

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