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  1. Books on Shamanism?
  2. Confusion about terminology...meditation vs. shamanic journeying vs. trance
  3. spirit guides/ power animals/ totem/ familiars
  4. Any other shamans out there?
  5. Neolithic Shamanism
  6. Shamanism
  7. Good Shamanism Resources?
  8. Saami Shamanism Recognized as a Religion by Norway
  9. So... who's a shamanist?
  10. What kind of shamanist and how do you experience spirits?
  11. How do you use sweet grass to connect with the spirits?
  12. Altered States of Consciousness
  13. Land-Based Practices (and Cultural Appropriation)
  14. What's the difference between the two?
  15. Recommended Shamanism Resources Thread
  16. Cultural Context
  17. The term "shamanism"... borrowed or appropriated?
  18. Shamanism in pre-historic Britain
  19. Learning the art
  20. Psychopomp and Doula
  21. Japanese Sorcery
  22. Why Shamanism?
  23. Drums and Drumming and an alternate perspective
  24. Essay on evolution & shamanism
  25. Heyoka Shaman
  26. Improve shaman meeting
  27. A frustrated effort to reach out to a self-proclaimed shaman