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They're resurrecting the Tasmanian Tiger

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    They're resurrecting the Tasmanian Tiger

    The Tasmanian Tiger, according to this link, is going to be resurrected by scientists. The Tasmanian Tiger has been extinct for a long time and I did have a conversation with you all about extinct animals that mankind had made extinct, like the dodo, etc... However, bringing back this animal I think would have consequences to this breed and the world. It's a new era and the world has changed. What do you think?

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    Re: They're resurrecting the Tasmanian Tiger

    I think I would like to see it happen, I think, possibly, maybe. I have sat here for several minutes and changed my mind as many times. I looked at this tread yesterday and was going to post but could not make up my mind, so decided not to post. Its a strange world. We slaughter millions of animals every day and are putting millions into trying to revive this one species, but I know its not quite the same thing.
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