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New User Link restrictions

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    New User Link restrictions

    Long standing members and staff, you know everything I'm about to talk about. New members, this information also shows up in the Rules and FAQ thread but it's several posts deep and since it's one of the most common questions, I'm reiterating it here.

    For brand new members, there is a permissions setting that restricts you from posting links and generally pictures till after you have 15 posts that are NOT in



    Lols, Quizzes and Games]Lols, Quizzes and Games

    If you are attempting to post pics or links and have less than 15 posts outside the above two subforums then the usergroup restriction is almost always going to be what is blocking you. If you have exceeded 15 posts and still can't post pics or links then contact an admin. Juniper and I are currently the most likely to respond quickly.

    If you are under the requirement but have a pic or link that you think is really relevant to an ongoing discussion then mod or admin staff will occasionally force the link through for you but if you are near the 15 post limit then it is frequently faster to find a few places to make a comment and change your usergroup than wait for one of us to log in, see and respond to a request.
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