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Thread: Morning. Routine

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    Re: Morning. Routine

    My duty?

    To inform the ignorant...

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    Re: Morning. Routine

    Quote Originally Posted by anunitu View Post
    Old and retired...lay in bed until I feel the urge to eat,or hit the bathroom...crawl back in bed and watch news or play a video game,or go online...Nap time when I feel the need..
    Not old or retired but I do pretty much the same.

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    Re: Morning. Routine

    Quote Originally Posted by Eofor View Post

    (By the way, I wouldn't expect much from an article with such title)
    Lol, not sure if that was exactly the title, but it was pretty close...

    I just thought it was funny because these women were like "I do yoga and then check my email" or "I go to the gym at 6 and then grab my wheatgrass smoothie and have a morning meeting before I check my email..." or my favorite "after a glass of warm lemon water, I check email and return phone calls and then workout from 10-noon"

    Seriously, if that is what "productivity" looks like to be successful, then I need to slow my roll.

    I'm up at 0445*, start my water for tea, check homework, hop in the shower, get dressed, make my tea to steep, do a load of dishes, drink my tea, get the kid's clothes laid out and backpacks packed (lunches get made the night before or by dad who gets up at 0415), sweep the floor, make 1st breakfast for the kids, wake the kids up and make sure they feed themselves, brush my teeth and hair, make sure the kids get teeth and hair brushed and get dressed, make my lunch and smoothie, get my shoes and coat, get the kids' shoes and coats on, remind Chickadee where her phone is so she can call me before they lock up and walk to the bus stop, give Sharkbait his meds, take my own meds, start the kids making their beds, and go to work. I leave home at 0610-0615 and I'm in my office by 0630-0645. The kids (at the new school) catch the bus at 0650 and are at school by 0710 (before they would have been at the babysitter at 0600 but not gone to school til 0900). My email and messages are checked and sorted for the importance of how soon I need to attend to their content by 0700. I'm usually in meetings by then, or checking out job sites or evaluating issues that have cropped up. Occasionally, I'm already teaching a class.

    I can't even begin to imagine how a 10-noon workout is considered remotely productive. And I'm pretty sure all these women have a housekeeper and/or nanny or no kids...I do have a spouse that helps with the kid stuff, but generally, I'm reminding him to do the stuff I'd do so I can do other things that have come up (like finding clean socks or a lucky tshirt or cleaning up a spill).

    *sometimes I roll out of bed at 0530...usually if I had to get up with Sharkbait who often has bouts of insomnia or if I had an asthma-y night, and cram all of that into 45 minutes instead of 95 minutes.
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    Re: Morning. Routine

    Psffff, a 2 hour work out my foot. If I am an a.m. shift which is what I'm doing now I go in at 5 or 7 which means I roll out of bed at 4 or 6. I start my car, I get dressed I make the boys go outside and stand with them and I'm in the car on my way no later the 4:25, or 6:25. If I'm off I get up I take the boys out, I have coffee and or tea and I check emails and check PF, might eat breakfast might not. This is also what I did if I worked nights. My mornings have never been productive its the nights that I do everything.
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    Re: Morning. Routine


    If it's a shelter day, I get up at 800, eat breakfast, head to shelter until about 1300.

    If it's not a shelter day, wake up at the same time, eat breakfast, make schedule for the day.

    If it's a bad pain day, I pretty much just stay in bed.
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    Re: Morning. Routine

    I do not wake up in the morning. Well the first time I wake up it's about 5am to pee pee. Then I'm back asleep till about noon. But then again I stay up till about 3am ish. So I guess noon is my morning?

    Ingest my 12 pills for the morning. Take 30 minutes to do my face. Most of that being my eyebrows. Eat leftover stuff that's near me. And find a Diet Dr Pepper.

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    Wake up (usually before the alarm goes off)
    *Brush hair & teeth
    *Take meds
    Get dressed
    Feed animals (and let dog out for potty)
    Pack lunch, if I remember
    Smooch the hubby
    Drive to work

    *order varies depending on mood...
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    Re: Morning. Routine

    I don't have a set morning, but I keep a fairly strict routine. Morning is often my 'pre-bed wind-down' time if I'm coming off a night shift. In fact, true mornings, that is, those days where I slept through the night and am waking up with the sun, are my equivalent of weekends, so my routine is the least strict of any other day (although I do still have a routine). I'm on annual leave right now so enjoying long lazy mornings (like this one), where I wake up, do anki, get up, skip my meditation (but I'm doing something different later in the day), write in my journal and then post post post on Pagan Forum! I've been busy too though: helping my mum decorate some days, and yesterday I was very productive tidying the cupboard under the stairs and organising all the drawers in the flat!

    So I'm going to describe an evening on a work night, where I've slept through the day (the only difference being that I'd wake up earlier on my first day back, because I stay up a little later the night before and sleep right through the following day to reset my body clock). It's not massively different to the routine I described in the Daily Routines thread, although it has changed a little.

    5:30pm: I generally wake up naturally around this time, but if I don't, I have an alarm set for 6pm, in which case I shave 30 minutes of my study time later.
    5:30-6: I lie in bed and do my anki flashcards on my mobile phone. The blue light on my LED screen also helps to wake me up. If I finish anki before 6, I check forums until my alarm goes off at 6. I usually have a few reviews left though, which I finish off when I get to work.
    6pm: I get up and sit on the floor (with my duvet around me if it's cold). I have a pre-recorded 10-minute guided meditation that I made myself that I like to do every day.
    6:15: I open the bedroom windows to air the room and then go through to the kitchen, have a glass of water and feed Dolly. JP usually comes home around this time.
    6:15-6:30: Usually shower, sometimes a bath. Brush teeth.
    6:30-6:40: Put the kettle on on my way through the kitchen (our kitchen joins the living room and bathroom), close the bedroom curtains and get dressed for work. I wear a skirt in the flat though, and change into my work jeans before I leave. I'll dry or plait my hair at this point too.

    * If it's a dinner night (I don't cook for us every night), I'll start it before my shower and finish up after getting dressed. We'd then sit down to eat together at around 7pm, in which case I'll shave any lost time off my study session.

    6:40-7: If it's not a dinner night, I'll make a pot of tea and put it on my desk (I keep it warm by sitting it on an oil burner). JP and I will then workout together for 20 minutes. Then JP makes himself some dinner and I make a light breakfast.
    7-9: I check my study schedule then sit down at my desk (or a table on the floor if I don't need my PC). If I need to eat breakfast, I'll do so while reading a news article in Japanese on NHK News. If I've already eaten, I start my session by making a video journal to practice speaking. Then I start my planned session. I have my light box on while doing this, and I use an alarm clock to make sure I don't study more than 40 minutes without a break (which is the lower estimate of how long your brain can keep learning new material before it starts forgetting what you learnt earlier in the session, but also conveniently how long they recommend you sit by a light box).

    If I finish early, I spend the rest of the time on forums, or chatting with friends on Skype or Line.

    * If it's a Monday night, I get into my work jeans, make my packed lunch and pack my bag for work between 7 and 8. JP and I then walk to the pool together for the adult only swim at 8:30. On work nights I get out of the pool before JP so I'm dressed, hair dried and make up done by 9:20. JP joins me at the mirrors and then he walks me to work because it's a long dark (although busy) road between the pool and my work.

    9pm: I change into my work jeans, make my packed lunch, pack my bag (my job includes long periods of sitting around with nothing to do, so I always take some kind of book or activity to do) and do my makeup. If it's my turn to do the dishes, I'll do them now too.
    9:40: I leave for work. It's not far so I walk. I always call my mum on my way to work to make sure she's okay, even after swimming when JP walks me to work!
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    Re: Morning. Routine

    I'm hardly productive. I get up, eat breakfast, take my meds, get on the computer for a few, then lay back down.

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    Re: Morning. Routine

    Quote Originally Posted by thalassa View Post
    I just thought it was funny because these women were like "after a glass of warm lemon water, I check email and return phone calls and then workout from 10-noon"
    Obviously the 21st century equivalent of "ladies who lunch". I think I prefer the old school!

    I'm not a morning person, and it was with profound relief that I gave up work at 47. I wake at 7, head for the loo, and then return to bed and radio until I feel energetic enough to go back to the bathroom. Breakfast sometime before 9, and my morning walk / shopping expedition around 10. Anything that requires intelligence occurs between 4 pm and 1 am.

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